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Are you online shopping to buy a new RC drone? Everything you need is right here, right now. The world's best drones are for sale today at the Skynex Global Drones store. Our drone sale gathers nothing but the world's best drones, at prices that are up to 50% lower than retail prices. Whether you're online shopping to buy a toy quadcopter drone for your kids, an adult shopping to buy a professional drone with gimbal and HD camera to experience aerial drone photography and filming, or a teenager shopping to buy an intermediate FPV drone racer with 3D virtual reality goggles to dive deeper into the emerging hobby of drone racing, our selection of consumer hobby drones for sale covers the full array of RC drones. To help you find the perfect drone for your needs, you can shop for drones by purpose (acrobatic drones, racing drones, hobby drones, photography drones, etc.), experience level (beginner drones, intermediate drones, professional drones), age (children, teenagers, adults), size (micro drones, small drones, medium drones, big drones), flight readiness (ready-to-fly drones, almost-ready-to-fly drones, bind-and-fly drones), flight feature, camera type, motor type, and much more.


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Find Your Perfect Drone 

Drones by Purpose

Acrobatic drones Industrial drones Hobby drones Racing drones Spy drones
Agricultural drones Intelligence drones Marine drones Selfie drones Toy drones
Education drones Security drones Photography/Filming drones Solar drones  

Flight Features

Acrobatic flips and rolls Follow-me mode Image stabilization Facial recognition Voice control
Auto return home GPS Obstacle sensors Gesture interaction  
Altitude hold Headless mode Point of interest Somatosensory control  

Experience Level

Age Group

Flight Readiness

Motor Type

 Control Method 

Beginner drones Drones for kids/children Ready-to-Fly (RTF) drones Brushless motor drones  Smart phone
Intermediate drones Drones for teenagers Almost-Ready-to-Fly (ARF) drones Brushed motor drones  Remote controller
Professional drones Drones for adults Bind-and-Fly (BNF) drones Coreless motor drones  RC and Smart Phone

Indoor/Outdoor Drones

Drones by Design


Drones by Size

Indoor drones Tricopter Octocopter Micro, Mini, Nano drones Big drones
Outdoor drones Quadcopter Foldable design drones Small drones Pocket Drones
Indoor and Outdoor drones Hexacopter   Medium drones  

Drones by Camera Type

Drones without camera Drones with gimbal      
Drones with HD camera        
Drones with FPV camera         



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