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Drones by Flight Readiness

If you're online shopping to buy a drone right now, you'll want to know that different drones come in different flight readiness statuses. The three drone flight readiness statuses are: ready-to-fly (RTF), bind-and-fly (BNF), and almost ready-to-fly (ARF). Each of these levels of flight readiness also tends to correlate with the level of experience generally associated with a drone. RTF drones come ready to fly straight out of the box, with only basic installation and preparation required, such as plugging in the battery, or affixing the propellers to the drone's motor shaft. For this reason, RTF tend to be associated with beginner to intermediate type drones. BNF drones require, in addition to the basic installations associated with RTF drones, that the drone transmitter or, remote control, be binded to the drone's receiver. The task is simple, but tends to require a more advanced drone transmitter sold separate from the drone. For this reason, BNF drones tend to be associated with intermediate to professional levels of drone. Finally, ARF drones require additional parts and components (e.g. drone battery) before flying, which sometimes requires some basic technical knowledge of how drones are built, and how they function. For this reason, ARF drones also tend to be associated with intermediate and professional type drones.

                                                                                                                        ready-to-fly-drones.png       arf-drones.png       bnf-drone.png

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