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Drones by Camera Type

If you're a drone hobbyists shopping online right now to buy a drone with camera, you may already be aware, or may want to know that different drones come with different types of cameras and camera mounts. If buying a drone with a camera is the most important factor in determining what drone to buy, then you will want to ensure that the camera on the drone is the right type of drone camera, and that it suits all of your need and requirements. Generally, drones equipped with a camera will fall into the following categories: drones without a camera; drones with built-in first-person-view FPV camera; drones with built-in FPV HD camera; drones with gimbal for FPV HD camera. Drones that fall in the first category offer photographic capabilities, but without any further aim of ensuring high-quality images, video footage, or an immersive 3H augmented reality live stream to its pilots. Such is often the case, for instance, with beginner micro hobby drones with cameras. Drones that fit in the second category are equipped with FPV HD cameras, but aren't designed for the purpose of taking professional aerial photography and video footage. This tends to be the case for racing drones. Drones in the last category are generally designed for taking professional aerial photography and video footage. Finally, drones with a gimbal, which can also come with or without a mounted HD camera, tend to also offer advanced aerial photography and flight modes that enhance the drones professional aerial photography capabilities. Such is the case with aerial photography drones.

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